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Nyron Prescod as a Facilitator

"Nyron Prescod’s ability to deliver any message to any target audiences in a way that is professional, engaging, meaningful to them, ties to achieving a larger, business objective. When creating a program to be delivered, he works with sponsors to understand the objectives and the attendees, collects necessary data, creates needed training materials, prepares for contingencies and manages his workload to achieve stated deadlines. When presenting, he connects his broad range of personal and professional experiences to his topic. He works to fully engage his audience, drawing on their experiences. He is a fluid, humorous, reflective, and honest facilitator. He gets the audience thinking. With thinking, there is learning. Isn’t that what training is all about?"

  • Mary Kay Graham former Rochester City School District John Marshall High School, Math Teacher

Nyron Prescod as a Leadership Facilitator

"Mr. Prescod eloquently and passionately talked about a broad range of management issues from how to coach and develop our teams for results, how to inspire loyalty and trust, working across teams, driving team performance, managing productivity while respecting individual needs, influence through personal power, to how to attract and retain talent, and much more. Mr. Prescod demonstrated to us how to give feedback through the STAR feedback process, one of the most challenging competencies for emerging leaders. His style and approach embodied esteem and empathy; he actively sought class involvement, sharing and support for each other."

  • Hoffman Moka Lantum, MD, PhD formerly Director, Medical Services Business Improvement, Excellus BlueCross BlueShield

Nyron Prescod as a Leadership Academy Facilitator

"This will be an asset to anyone wanting to be a leader, supervisor or in higher management !"

"Great for applying to life issues !"

"I would recommend this program to others !"

"Well organized, well spoken and people oriented !"

“... Nyron is awesome and engaging”.

“The academy was engaging, interactive, and applicable to all leaders."

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